All For You Massage

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60 Min $75
90 Min $110
2 Hr $145
Hot Stone Massage:
Add $10 to any service
      Relaxation Massage
     Relaxation, or Swedish, massage generally uses a lighter pressure. This massage will help to relax your mind and body and
puts more of the focus on breathing and letting your muscles relax.
       Deep Tissue Massage
   Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish (relaxation) massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in
 releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue,
tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones, and joints).
      Pregnancy Massage​
   Pregnancy massage is very beneficial for mother and baby. No matter how far along you are,
we will make sure you are comfortable while receiving your massage and you will be glad you came in!
Any type of massage offered by All For You can be done during pregnancy.​
     Hot Stone Massage
 Hot stones are used as a tool to aid in the massage by getting deeper into the muscle with less
pressure. Safe temperatures are always used
based on your comfort zone. Available with all types of massage.​
      Injury/Accident Therapeutic Massage
​    Consultation only. $35 per unit.
      Sports Therapy Massage
   Sports therapy massage focuses on problem areas that may be
immobile or painful from either overuse or an injury. This massage will help to increase range of motion
and mobility and decrease pain.